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Hot water isn't a luxury, it’s a necessity.
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Plastigo c.c. is the manufacturer of SPEEDHEAT instantaneous hot water units. This electric unit has been redesigned with a enclosed stainless steel sheathed element for use in all conditions of water. This latest design has been tested and approved to the European Standards IEEC 335-1, IEEC 335-2-35 and BS EN 335-1:1988.

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SPEEDHEAT is available in, a 3.5Kw or 5Kw unit. There are attachments available, A
Chromed gooseneck shower rose and a chromed basin mixer

Saves electricity and water consumption.
It is cheaper and easier to install, compared to an electric boiler/geyser.
The element can be cleaned or replaced if there is a calcium build-up on it.
It is fitted with a thermal cut out switch. ( A safety feature which switches off the element should the water get too hot) This prevents the element from burning out.
It can be used in a low water pressure area, it requires a minimum of 60 kPa / 0.1 Bar.
It comes with a 1year warranty.


SOUTH AFRICAN electricity costs : * R0.94 kW. / Hr. (Check this cost in your area)

Using a 5 kW SPEEDHEAT unit, the electricity costs for a family of 6, with each person showering for 5 minutes a day - R 93.00 per month

(R0.94 / 60min) x 5kw x 6People x 5minutes = R3.00 /day = R 93.00 per month.

• Standard heat loss formula for a 150 liters boiler = 0.4watts per liter + 60 watts
• Cost per hour to maintain boiler at temperature = (0.4w x 150 liter)+ 60w = 120w
• At current cost of * R0.94 kW / Hr * = 0.120w x R0.94 = R0.11 / Hr
• 24hrs x 365days = 8760hrs per annum = R 0.11 x 8760 = R963.60 p.a.
Losses from the boiler only, = R 96.36 per month

NOTE : This excludes the cost of showering as in the SPEEDHEAT calculation. There are other costs when using a geyser, this is when the tap is situated some distance from the boiler, hot water is left to cool in the pipes every time the hot tap is opened.

These are huge benefits for those people who cannot afford a standard geyser which costs a lot more to purchase and could consume 5 times more electricity than the SPEEDHEAT.

Procedures for demonstrating a SPEEDHEAT

1. Attach the rubber (Gardena) connector to a cold-water tap.
2. Connect the hose, which is attached to the Speedheat to the above.
3. Fit the 15-amp plug, connected to the cable from the Speedheat into the plug socket. Keep the power off for the moment.
4. Holding the unit with the electrical cover to the top, open the tap allowing a good flow of water. Switch on the power and within 15 seconds the water will be getting hot.
5. Slowly reduce the flow of water to achieve the desired temperature.

Note: A 5 kW unit will draw 22 amps of electricity thus requiring a 25-amp circuit breaker. Should the plug socket being used for the demonstration be protected by a 15-amp circuit breaker, it may trip. Try it to see if it works, if it is demonstrated for a short period of time, sometimes you can get away with it. This is not recommended for the proper installation. Please read the instructions supplied with the unit.

In a proper installation the unit will be connected to the DB. The power to the unit can remain switched on, even when not being used. Only when the water is flowing through the unit will the element switch on.


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